Finely-honed argumentative skills, developed over years of appellate practice.


Appellate law is a highly specialized field, requiring a skill set which is different from that of even the most experienced trial litigator. Clients need to make the difficult decision regarding whether to appeal an adverse decision. Or they may need assistance with defending a successful trial court decision. At de la Peña & Holiday, we provide frank evaluation of the issues, applying our appellate experience to determine the context of the ruling, the various standards of appellate review and the likely response the appeal will receive in the Court of Appeal. Our attorneys’ extensive history with appeals enables them to develop persuasive arguments for maximum results.

The Appellate Group at de la Peña & Holiday is able to offer a broad range of specialized services in addition to representation before the appellate courts. Our lawyers work with the trial teams regarding issues of law, preservation of issues for appellate review as well as other substantive, procedural, and strategic decisions. In addition, our appellate lawyers provide valuable insight regarding appropriate settlement decisions based on their appellate experience and knowledge.

The firm also renders legal opinions on constitutional, statutory, and other issues to guide client conduct. de la Peña & Holiday’s lawyers are experienced negotiators. When the appellate strategy involves settlement, they are well-equipped to achieve a favorable settlement when possible. Our lawyers are familiar with appellate mediation as practiced in state and federal courts.

Our lawyers present as excellent writers and oral advocates, having honed their argumentative skills over years of practice dedicated to appellate law. These skills permit de la Peña & Holiday to develop trenchant and creative legal answers to difficult and complex issues on behalf of our clients.